Gear cutting operations for the watchmaking industry

Gear cutting in the watchmaking industry demands impeccable precision. Gears must be flawlessly crafted to ensure accurate timekeeping in complex and extreme movements. This demands tools and techniques that can handle tiny dimensions while maintaining aesthetic excellence, especially critical for luxury timepieces.

Gear cutting operations application overview

In the sophisticated world of watchmaking, gear cutting embodies the fusion between art and cutting-edge technology. The delicate dance of crafting minuscule gears demands not just precision, but an elegance that befits luxury timepieces. As the horological landscape evolves, so does the complex balance between timeless craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation too. Experience the sublime alchemy of tradition and technology in watch gear cutting.

Along the horological journey, Posalux emerges as a trusted partner, seamlessly blending precision with innovation for the watchmaking visionaries.

Gear cutting operations results and achievements

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Precision we can achieve

Experience the harmony of precision and innovation with Posalux.

Leveraging contact-free machining, Posalux achieves machining geometries down to 20 μm. The expertise extends to maintain a ratio of up to 1/10 for diameter to depth. Such precision ensures high positioning accuracy, while turning operations can reach an exceptional surface roughness down to 50 nm. Even with part lengths reaching up to 8 mm, the capability to manufacture all manner of shapes and geometries remains undiminished. Tolerances down to less than ±1.5 µm, with minimum widths slimming down to an impressive 15 µm can be reached. This level of detail ensures an outstanding outlook, characterized by cutting uniformity and a remarkably smooth finish.

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FEMTOsecond LASER technology to perform these results

The FEMTOsecond LASER technology is a perfect match for all industries requiring the highest precision without compromising quality and productivity.

Miniaturized components are used in all kind of devices. Several applications – e.g. in the electronics or MedTech world – are not imaginable without very small and tiny parts. Thus, this requires new ways to produce and manufacture these parts. With FEMTO LASER μ-machining there are various processes possible like drilling, cutting and turning. It's compatible with almost all materials that are otherwise very difficult to machine with conventional tools.

With each FEMTOsecond LASER pulse that hits the work-piece, a small amount of material immediately vaporizes. The material removal occurs in a controlled manner leading to no damage, burrs or any negative influences to the material integrity.

Your benefits:

  • FEMTOsecond Laser source < 300 fs
  • Highest level of accuracy and productivity
  • Stable and repeatable quality
  • Cold ablation keeping material integrity (no HAZ)
  • Proven performance in 24/7 industrial environment

Make it possible with the FEMTO machine

FEMTOsecond LASER machines provide advanced µ-machining solutions for high-tech production. It ensures impeccable surface smoothness and precise machining without thermal residue.

Other applications that might be interesting for you


Precision cutting, drilling, milling of micro components

Precision cutting and milling of micro components navigate a complex landscape of challenges. With tools operating at microscopic tolerances across diverse materials, consistency is paramount. Material-specific intricacies, tool wear, and heat-induced alterations elevate the technical demands. Balancing these with economic efficiency and staying ahead of evolving designs is crucial.

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