Embedded advanced µ-machining technologies

Through our three core technologies FEMTOsecond-LASER, EDM and Mechanical Micromachining, we develop drilling, routing/milling, cutting and turning high-tech applications for a wide range of demanding industries.

Our Technologies

Electrical Discharge Machining - EDM

With the Electro-Erosion μ-machining - EDM technology, material is removed from a workpiece by current discharges between electrode and anode.


The FEMTOsecond LASER μ-machining technology consists of ultra-short pulses that hit the workpiece to vaporize a small amount of material.

Mechanical Micromachining

Mechanical μ-machining technology enables highly detailed shapes and removes material of a workpiece with miniature wearable tools.

Posalux Exclusivity

ULTIMATE DUO micro-machining: the unique Posalux innovation

ULTIMATE DUO is the unique advanced solution that micro-machines both sides of your parts on in one operation.

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