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Mechanical Micromachining


The ULTIMATE machines are innovative, fully-automated, 4-axis micromachining centers for high-speed drilling and milling. Our advanced mechanical µ-machining solution for your high-tech production.

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ULTIMATE is the answer to many customer requests for a highly productive machining solution for micro components. The miniaturization concept of the ULTIMATE allows to integrate up to two 4-axis machining centers or milling centers into one modular work-cell. Based on the mechanical micromachining technology, the fully-automated ULTIMATE machines' range is designed with the focus on small parts (max. part size 80 x 80 x 10 mm).

With high stiffness, dynamic responsiveness, and accuracy, the ULTIMATE solution not only boosts productivity and reduces floor space but also consumes low power, making it an ideal Industry 4.0 oriented solution.

Mechanical Micromachining Technology

Mechanical micromachining, commonly known as micromachining, is a specialized manufacturing technology that involves the use of micro tools, such as micro-endmills or drillbits, with geometrically defined cutting edges. This subtractive fabrication process crafts devices or features with dimensions in the micrometer range. It mirrors traditional machining in approach but operates on a distinctly smaller scale, necessitating specialized equipment and techniques to define microscale structures or components. Mechanical micromachining provides:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective solution for small-batches
  • Complex geometry
  • Reduced waste
  • Integration
  • Scalability
  • Direct production

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Mechanical Micromachining


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Applications with ULTIMATE

Be inspired by the applications that can be performed with this series of micro-machining machines.
Mechanical Micromachining

Test socket guide plates micro machining (drilling, milling cutting) for semiconductors testing industry

Micromachining test socket guide plates for the semiconductor testing industry faces the challenge of delivering ultra-precision amid rapidly evolving chip designs. Any minor inaccuracies can disrupt testing or damage chips. As semiconductor complexities increase, adaptability in micromachining processes, ensuring speed and consistency, becomes crucial.

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