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Posalux Competence Center

Posalux's journey is filled with remarkable achievements, and we are committed to carrying this legacy forward with our customers for years to come.

Together, we shape the future of micromachining

Mere innovation is not sufficient for a company to thrive. The true measure of success lies in the exceptional benefits our customers derive from our solutions. Our success is rooted in consistently prioritizing customer needs and leveraging our deep understanding to anticipate future advancements. As a result, our customers enjoy more high-tech solutions without compromising performance, enhanced reliability, and accelerated workflow processes.

Expertise at your service

At Posalux, our core focus is developing innovative solutions to our customers' challenging applications. To do so, our technical experts, who represent 60% of our staff, are actively and continuously exploring and investing in advanced technologies

Mechanical development

Our mechanical development team designs, develops, and optimizes mechanical systems, components, and products embedded in Posalux micro-machining machines. They are people who leverage mechanical engineering to contribute to the success of our customers by delivering high-quality mechanical solutions.

Electrical development

Our electrical development people enhance electrical systems, components, and products used in the manufacturing of Posalux micromachining machines. This includes creating innovative electrical solutions, ensuring product quality and safety and optimizing efficiency. They aim together to continuously improve electrical designs and technologies, adhere to industry standards, and deliver reliable electrical solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

Automation development

The focus is here on leveraging technology, such as robotics, control systems, and software, to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing Posalux machines. The key objectives of this team is to automate repetitive tasks, improve accuracy and precision, reduce downtime, and integrate different systems for seamless operations. Meanwhile, they identify automation opportunities, design custom solutions, and ensure effective implementation and maintenance of automation systems.

Software development

Our software development team creates advanced, user-friendly software solutions that power our customers’ operations exceeding their expectations. They collaborate closely with other departments and the customers to gather requirements, write clean code, and conduct rigorous testing. By delivering high-quality software and providing ongoing support, they drive our customers’ productivity and fuel their growth.

Process manufacturing engineering

The mission of our process manufacturing engineering team is to optimize and enhance our manufacturing processes to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, quality, and safety. Through careful analysis and continuous improvement, we design and implement innovative solutions that streamline production, minimize waste, and reduce costs. Our team collaborates with various departments to identify opportunities, implement process improvements, and ensure seamless integration within the overall manufacturing workflow. By leveraging our expertise and embracing cutting-edge technologies, we strive to elevate our company's manufacturing capabilities and deliver high-end micromachining machines to our customers.


Our metrology team ensures the highest standards of precision, accuracy, and quality throughout our operations. With a focus on measurement and inspection, our dedicated team utilizes advanced metrology tools and techniques to validate and calibrate various equipment and processes. We collaborate closely with different departments to establish rigorous measurement standards, conduct thorough inspections, and provide accurate data analysis. By maintaining strict adherence to metrology practices, we enable efficient production, improve product quality, and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Our quality team's mission is to deliver top products and services to our customers by upholding the highest standards of excellence. They establish robust quality management systems, drive continuous improvement, and collaborate with all departments to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Tech support

Our tech support team provides exceptional technical assistance and support to our customers. They are dedicated to resolving issues promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining exclusive collaboration. Our team possesses in-depth product knowledge and expertise to offer effective solutions, troubleshooting, and guidance. By delivering responsive and reliable support, we aim to empower our customers to maximize the value and functionality of our micromachining solutions.

Tech training

The mission of our tech training team is to be a trusted resource for our customers’ training, enabling them to achieve their goals and excel in their use of our products. They share comprehensive training programs that empower our customers to effectively utilize our micromachining machines. They develop engaging and informative training sessions, workshops, and materials tailored to our customers’ specific needs and skill levels. By empowering them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to maximize their success and satisfaction with our technologies.

Operational excellence

Dedicated to continuously improving efficiency, our operational excellence team is driving excellence across our operations. They identify and eliminate waste, streamline processes, and optimize resource utilization. Through collaboration and innovation, they implement best practices and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Our goal is to deliver superior micro-machining machines and services, and enhance customers’ satisfaction.

The academic world is part of our network

We nurture strong links with the academic world. Although we have applied research expertise in-house, we're always aware of the latest trends in the research and development of the technologies we embed into our micromachining machines. This enables us to bridge the gap between the academic world and the future needs of the micromachining industry. Our mission is inspired by this reality: we design the future of micromachining.

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