Posalux SA data and cookie management policy

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When consulting the Posalux.com website, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet.

A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive by the server forthe site or mobile application that you are visiting.

It contains the following data:

·  the name of the server that has placed it there;

·  an identifier, in the form of a unique number;

·  an expiration date (some cookies only).


Cookies are managed by the web browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome).

What are the different types of cookies used on our sites?

Different types of cookies which have different purposes are used on Posalux.com.

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential to allow you to browse our websites and use their functionalities. Without them some services, for example shopping baskets may not work properly.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information on the use of our websites, such as which pages are consulted most often. These data enable us to optimize our websites and simplify browsing. These cookies do not collect any information which could be used to identify you. All the information collected is aggregated, and therefore anonymous.

Functionality cookies

These cookies enable our websites to remember the choices you have made when browsing. For example, we can store your geographical location in a cookie so that the website corresponding to your area is shown. We can also remember your preferences, such as the text size, font and other customizable aspects ofthe site. The cookies may also be able to keep track of the products or videos consulted. The information collected by these cookies cannot be used to identify you and cannot monitor your browsing activity on sites which do not belong to Posalux.

It is possible that you will comes across third-party cookies on some pages of sites that are not under our control; for example from our suppliers.

Your rights        

Accepting or refusing cookies

We must remind you that reconfiguration is liable to alter the conditions under which you access any of our services which require the use of cookies.

Most browsers allow you to manage your preferred cookies. You can setyour browser to refuse or delete certain cookies. As a rule, you can also manage similar technologies in the same way, using your preferred browsers.

The following links show you how to set the cookies, depending on the browser used:

If you use Internet Explorer

If you use Edge

If you use Firefox

If you use Google Chrome

If you use Safari

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