FEMTO LASER μ-Machining

FEMTO LASER μ-machining is the most advanced laser technology to process a wide range of materials. Thanks to very low heat diffusion time (< 300 fs), thermal effects are avoided. Surface and geometries quality is improved due to high energy density. High repetition rate allows excellent productivity.

5-axis precession head


  • Drilling, cutting, turning



With each FEMTO LASER pulse that hits the work-piece a small amount of material immediately vaporizes. The material removal occurs in a controlled manner leading to no damage, burrs or any negative influences to the material integrity.

Posalux FEMTO LASER μ-machining solutions benefits are :

  • FEMTO source < 300 fs
  • Highest level of accuracy and productivity
  • Stable and repeatable quality
  • Cold ablation keeping material integrity (NAZ)
  • Proven performance in 24/7 industrial environment


Wide range of materials

  • Ceramic
  • Nitinol
  • Titanium
  • Polymers
  • Precious materials
  • Copper
  • Steel, stainless steel
  • Brass

Why choosing FEMTO ?

Today many miniaturized components are used in all kinds of devices. Several applications – e.g. in the medical or electronic world – are not imaginable without very small and tiny parts. Thus, this requires new ways to produce and manufacture these parts. With FEMTO LASER μ-machining there are various processes possible like drilling, cutting and turning in almost all materials that are very difficult to machine.

Electronics - Femto Turning Operation (FTO) - Contact pins for testing devices

High Ratio Holes (ratio 1:12)

Medical - Drilling of blind holes in steel

Watchmaking - Gear wheel for watch movement in brass / maillechort

Perpendicular cutting in Nitinol for Medical Industry

Which industries ?

It is aimed to all industries regarding highest precison without compromising quality and productivity. Posalux FEMTO LASER μ-machining solutions target niche applications in a mass production environment. Typical applications are in the automotive, electronic, medical and watch industries. We continuously develop solutions for the future and therefore use this high-end technology with customers compliance and applications.

Automotive industry:
  • Microdrilling of GDI injectors
  • Microdrilling of Diesel injectors
  • Microdrilling of valve plates
Electronic industry :
  • Test fixtures and probe cards guide plates microdrilling
  • Test sockets micromachining
Medical industry:
  • Defined surface texturing
  • Precision cutting of micro components
  • Surgical needles
Watch industry:
  • Cutting of hands
  • Gear cutting operations


Automotive – GDI nozzle holes in hardened material

Electronics – Any kind of shapes on ceramics, hard ceramics, copper and polymer materials

Oblongs ø 80 µm - ø 90 µm in Photoveel IIs

Round holes Ø 70 µm / Wall thickness 8 µm

Square holes 30 x 30 µm in Si3N4

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