Ultrafast LASER micromachining in the electronics test industry

Within the electronics test industry, electronic components and integrated circuits are tested at the wafer level during the manufacturing process, before being diced and packaged. A probe card used for this testing purpose consists of a guide plate, or multiple stacked guide plates, housing tiny probes that create an electrical contact between the integrated circuit on the wafer surface and the test head.

As the size of integrated circuits shrinks, so does the need to miniaturise the pattern in the test head, causing the density of the pattern to increase while the size of probes decreases. Ceramics are the material of choice for the guide plates due to their hardness, low conductivity, longevity and thermal characteristics. However, the physical properties of these ceramics also make it difficult to machine using conventional microdrilling technologies.

Discover the full article written by PhD Amiel Lopes from Posalux in AILU's magazine "The Laser User" Issue 110 (Autumn 2023)

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