Posalux ULTRASPEED Series: features for your benefit!

Have you noticed our latest innovations on the Posalux ULTRASPEED series ?

We have further improved our market positioning in the mass PCB production for the electronics market by introducing the Posalux CNC 5000 digital servo drives for rigid axis control. And we also released a new generation of the IPF3 multi-inserts pressure pad for drilling and routing. With these latest improvements, the Posalux ULTRASPEED Series has become even more precise and versatile while maintaining its recognized speed, flexibility, and long-term running capability.

Confirmed stable performance on even extremely small diameters for PCB and non-ferrous metal products. Volume flexibility thanks to availability of one to six station units with single, combi, or dual versions. Last but not least, the system is able to run up to 20 hours without operator interference and loss in output precision – all this makes the Posalux ULTRASPEED Series definitely worth a closer look!

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