Posalux showcases innovative Micromachining solutions at SEMICON Europa/ Productronica 2023

Posalux showcases innovative Micromachining solutions at SEMICON Europa/ Productronica 2023

Posalux, as a leading micro-machining manufacturer, is set to captivate visitors at SEMICON Europa 2023 with the unveiling of two machines: the ULTRASPEED MONO and the ULTIMATE DUO. The event co-located with Productronica, scheduled to take place from November 14th to 17th in Munich, Germany, promises to be a momentous occasion for those interested in the forefront of mechanical micromachining technology.

Mechanical micromachining, commonly known as micromachining, is a specialized manufacturing technology that utilizes micro tools, such as micro-endmills and micro-drills, with geometrically defined cutting edges. This subtractive fabrication process allows for the creation of devices or features with dimensions in the micrometer range, opening up new possibilities in the electronics industry.

Key benefits of mechanical micromachining include:

  • Flexibility: Adaptable to a wide range of materials and applications
  • Complex geometry: Enables the creation of intricate structures
  • Reduced waste: Minimizes material waste, making it environmentally friendly
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing manufacturing processes
  • Scalability: Scales to meet the demands of large-scale production
  • Direct production: Reduces the need for multiple machining steps

The star of Posalux's exhibit, the ULTIMATE DUO, is tailored for micro machining tasks such as drilling, milling, and cutting test socket guide plates for the semiconductor testing industry. What makes the ULTIMATE DUO unique is its advanced mechanical micromachining capability, which allows it to operate on both sides of a workpiece in a single operation, significantly boosting efficiency and precision.

On the other hand, the ULTRASPEED series caters to the PCB industry, offering unmatched accuracy, productivity, and reliability. It excels in applications like drilling and routing composites and non-ferrous materials for PCBs. The ULTRASPEED series comprises five different machines, starting with the ULTRASPEED MONO, equipped with a single workstation, and culminating in the ULTRASPEED SIX, featuring six workstations. Each of these machines is available in a dual version, allowing to operate the same process simultaneously on two workstations.

Furthermore, Posalux will be highlighting their FEMTOsecond LASER Series during the event. While these lasers won't be physically present at the booth, they will be a key topic of discussion. The FEMTOsecond LASER Series represents a significant leap forward in ultra-precision laser technology, contributing to the advancement of micromachining in the electronics industry and more precisely in the test equipment industry.

In addition to the exciting machines on display, Posalux will have a team of experts present at their booth B2.361 to discuss micro machining challenges with visitors. This offers a unique opportunity for partners and visitors to gain insights and advice from seasoned professionals in the field.

This year also marks a significant debut for our Italian service agent, Atg-electronics, at Productronica. Atg-electronics will be showcasing Posalux ULTRASPEED TRIO machine at their booth B3.130,

Visitors to SEMICON Europa and Productronica 2023 can expect to witness groundbreaking technology, engage with experts, and explore the limitless possibilities of high-tech micromachining. Posalux's presence at the event is set to offer attendees a firsthand look at the future of micro machining.

SEMICON EUROPA and Productronica 2023

Posalux booth B2.361

Atg-Electronics, Posalux's agent booth B3.130

November 14-17, 2023 in Munich, Germany

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