Precision cutting of surgical needles for the MedTech industry

Producing surgical needles for the MedTech industry is a combination of exceptional precision, biocompatibility, and strength. Surgical needles must be meticulously crafted to ensure they are sharp enough to penetrate tissues with minimal trauma, while also being durable enough to not break or bend during procedures. Simultaneously, they must be made from materials that won't cause allergic reactions or introduce contaminants to the body. As medical procedures become more advanced and minimally invasive, the demand for needles that meet rigorous standards of size, shape, and material composition continues to rise, pushing the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities.

Precision cutting of surgical needles application overview

Precision cutting and micromachining surgical needles for the MedTech industry is a meticulous endeavor. These needles must be ultra-sharp, consistent, and smooth to minimize tissue trauma. As surgeries become more refined, the need for exacting dimensions and flawless finishes grows. Coupled with the imperative for biocompatible materials, this complex process stands at the intersection of precision engineering and medical excellence.

Precision cutting of surgical needles results and achievements

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Precision we can achieve

In the forefront of the MedTech industry, precision cutting of surgical needles plays a pivotal role. These carefully crafted needles feature hole diameters ranging from 60μm to 130μm. Their drilling depth spans from 500μm to 900μm, with a section width of 150-200μm. This meticulous attention to dimensions showcases the industry's dedication to blending engineering expertise with medical necessity, aiming for unparalleled precision and efficacy in surgical procedures.

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FEMTOsecond LASER technology to perform these results

The FEMTOsecond LASER technology is a perfect match for all industries requiring the highest precision without compromising quality and productivity.

Miniaturized components are used in all kind of devices. Several applications – e.g. in the electronics or MedTech world – are not imaginable without very small and tiny parts. Thus, this requires new ways to produce and manufacture these parts. With FEMTO LASER μ-machining there are various processes possible like drilling, cutting and turning. It's compatible with almost all materials that are otherwise very difficult to machine with conventional tools.

With each FEMTOsecond LASER pulse that hits the work-piece, a small amount of material immediately vaporizes. The material removal occurs in a controlled manner leading to no damage, burrs or any negative influences to the material integrity.

Your benefits:

  • FEMTOsecond Laser source < 300 fs
  • Highest level of accuracy and productivity
  • Stable and repeatable quality
  • Cold ablation keeping material integrity (no HAZ)
  • Proven performance in 24/7 industrial environment

Make it possible with the FEMTO machine

FEMTOsecond LASER machines provide advanced µ-machining solutions for high-tech production. It ensures impeccable surface smoothness and precise machining without thermal residue.

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