Microfor EDM

Front view of the Posalux EDM HP4 machine

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Posalux EDM HP4 machine with dimensions

Designed for Mass Production

  • High productivity
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Process stability
  • Easy machine maintenance
  • Multi spindle machine available
  • Compact water deionization system
  • Siemens 840D SL
Four Posalux EDM HP4 machines
Inside view of a Posalux EDM machine with the spindles


  • Based on the electro erosion principle the integrated micro-EDM generator allows machining with shorter cycle times implying up to 30 % more productivity.
  • Micro-EDM generator interface with high-speed mode and direct communication.
Close view of the drill bit in a EDM machine


  • Surface finish Ra < 0.3 μm.
  • Elimination of micro-vibrations by separation of filtration tank from machine frame.
  • Screen integrated on camera and automatic positioning program facilitate setting of the electrode and the needle of the part fixture
  • Decrease of leak check time by 50 %.
  • New interface HMI:
    • Real time monitoring of process parameters
    • Storage and visualization of erosion time and electrode wear

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